Fullstackworld.com says hello again!

Jan 08, 2019 / Moody Developer

Hello World!

I've decided to write more content online this year. I intentionally do not wants to publish content on other cloud platform so I rebuild my own personal website. I was busy designing & developing concept of my website last couple of days & here is how it looks now(I think, I'll write a post about how I build this website).

I've many things in my mind to write about but to be honest, as of now I don't have crystal clear idea of exactly what kind of content I'm going to publish and what not. So I did some research & came up with an idea to write proper blogs plus honest thoughts/incidents/events about anything I like to.

To avoid mixture between proper useful content & any bullshit, I've decided to make sections Blog & Journal. I'll write proper posts under blogs section & all other regular stuff under my journal. I know posting journal publically sounds a bit stupid but I'll try not to be much personal.

So here I'm with the first record on my journal!

Happy new year!

P.S. The main reason why I decided to write actively this year is to get more clarity on my thoughts(I thought writing them publically would be a good choice).