I have decided to be more transparent about my Indie journey


Breaking my introvert nature and being into transparency world

Originally I'm an introvert kind of person. I do not like to share much publically, my Instagram account has only close family and friends, my tweets are also very formal. That's ideal for a normal engineer who is making a considerably good living from is full time job. I believe, being introvert is absolutely fine and good for personal life. Then what's wrong with that, why I decided to break my introvert nature.

This all started as a part of 2021 goal

My only goal for 2021 is to do things out of my comfort zone. In the process so far, I have already started getting into multiple things like writing bullet journaling every day, started my Indie hacker journey, started writing content regularly & being transparent is the next thing.

In the process of making journey, I have started following like-minded people on Twitter & indie hacker. I have spent time understanding the process how they do it. The most common factor I found among successful makers was they are all very transparent & doing it in public. There are many, but here are some really cool folks doing it right:

Why am I doing this?

Off course the ultimate goal is to be more successful online in creator economy. To do that, I need to be better at everything and to be better I first need to be authentic publically. This all is a part of the long term goal of improving my lifestyle and be more successful.

What am I going to be transparent about

I am currently building BannerPot & I plan to share information openly about my making journey on Twitter, with my blog posts. Not just the highlights but the low lights also. For personal stuff like eating, meeting friends, going places is still going to be private or the way it is now. So, it's only about my side hustle, learnings success and failure.

I hope to achieve my goal of 2021 by doing these things the way I have planned.

As a developer, I always see the problem for creating images/banners whenever I post some content online.

Even for simple designs I always needed to open figma or search online, so I thought of automating it.

I've build BannerPot to solve this problem, would you like to give it a try?

Ramesh from BannerPot

Ramesh Mhetre

Maker of BannerPot