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I have decided to be more transparent about my Indie journey

Breaking my introvert nature and being into transparency world

📔 How using digital planner has helped me be better at reflecting on life

✍️ Writing bullet journaling and making digital planning is the best productivity hack

My goals for year 2021 ✌️

Things I want to start & stop in 2021 💫

What is Variadic functions?

In simple words variadic functions are functions that take an indefinite number of arguments

Use Chart.js in NuxtJS application

Using chart.js within your NuxtJs(VueJs) application is easy like piece of cake

Auto import components in NuxtJS

Auto import all your components within NuxtJS which makes code much cleaner & less hastle

Moving existing PHPUnit tests to PEST in Laravel application

How to move existing PHPUnit tests to PEST within your Laravel application

Connect your laravel application to Sqlite DB

Quickly connecting with sqlite database within laravel application

How to do multi tenant application with Laravel

How to do multi tenant application with Laravel. Have single laravel setup for multiple applications

VueJs content loading placeholders

Vue Content Loading is a component to use placeholder or preset

Using Laravel Eloquent's ORM Efficiently

Tips & tricks for Laravel's Eloquent ORM

Laravel overriding package translation files

How to override laravel package translation files?

Use ReactJS with your Laravel application

The standard way to start using ReactJS with your laravel application

Compiling assets with Laravel Mix

Laravel Mix provides a fluent API for defining Webpack build steps

Laravel Scout: Standard way to use algolia search with your Laravel application

Algolia search engine within your Laravel application using Laravel Scout

Javascript Markdown parser: Markdown-it

Markdown-it is a javascript library/package which converts markdown text to HTML. Its very fast, efficient & easy to use within your project

PHP develop your own package with local composer environment

Developing your own PHP composer package locally & integrating local file symlink within your application can speeds up development immensely

VuePress: Powerfull, static website generator with VueJs

VuePress is a minimalistic Vue-powered static site generator from Evan You, the creator of Vue.js

A fancy VueJs time picker

Vuejs time picker with material design theme

Vue.js components for detecting and decoding QR codes

Decode QR-code in your VueJs application

Laravel permissioning system(Role based access control)

Role-based ACL in Laravel. Full-featured permissions system in laravel

Convert webpage to PDF or image in laravel

Browsershot is package to convert webpage to image or PDF in laravel

Vuejs Router

Vuejs sending HTTP/Ajax request with axios

axios is the only best promise based HTTP client for JavaScript

The power of Laravel Dusk, a browser automation testing tool

Dusk is a powerful tool for writing browser tests in your Laravel Project

Build your own google analytics dashboard with Laravel

Using google analytics dashboard on regular basis can be a cumbersome for people like me, specially when you just need to check few metrics regularly

What is boilerplate code? Why & when to use the boilerplate code?

Boilerplate refers to sections of code that have to be included in many places with little or no alteration. In the software industry, most professional developers/teams created a collection of code snippets and assets that they reuse to boost development

What impact does habits have on our lives?

The key to exercising regularly, losing weight, raising exceptional children, becoming more productive, building revolutionary companies and social movements, and achieving success is understanding how habits work

How Netflix uses Javascript for interactive movie: Bandersnatch

I like this video because they have mentioned different engineering challenges which they had faced like synchronizing UI with the video & give seamless experience

AlaSQL - an open source SQL database for JavaScript

AlaSQL.js - JavaScript SQL database for browser and Node.js. Handles both traditional relational tables and nested JSON data (NoSQL). Export, store, and import data from localStorage, IndexedDB, or Excel.

Global Game Jam, an introduction to the gaming world!

Over the last weekend, we were on a mission of building a game in just 48 Hours. There was a lot of brainstorming, late night coding, planning, replanning, execution & off course tons of food and fun.

Pure CSS solution to embed responsive youtube videos on web pages

Embed responsive youtube videos on your website with pure CSS

When to choose Microservices Architecture Over Monolithic? Why?

From the last couple of years, I’ve heard repeatedly about microservices architecture vs. monolithic, why we should adopt microservices, how to make your application microservice based, and so on and so forth.

This how my development environment looks like

I've seen this question popping out many times in the development community that how should be the best development environment look like?