What is new in Laravel 5.8.4

What is new in Laravel 5.8.4


The Laravel team released v5.8.4 couple of days back with an HTTP Kernel middleware getter & a new collection join method.

How to use getRouteMiddleware

The HTTP Kernel class has a new getRouteMiddleware() method which could come in handy to ensure that a middleware has been registered:

/** @test */
public function it_registers_a_custom_route_middleware()
    $middlewares = resolve(\App\Http\Kernel::class)->getRouteMiddleware();

    $this->assertArrayHasKey('custom', $middlewares);
    $this->assertEquals(\App\Http\Middleware\Custom::class, $middlewares['custom']);

How to use Collect::join()

Then new Collect::join() method to join all items from the collection using a string. The final item can use a separate “glue” string as well:

collect(['a', 'b', 'c']))->join(', ')); // returns 'a, b, c' 
collect(['a', 'b', 'c']))->join(', ', ' and ')); // returns 'a, b and c' 
collect(['a', 'b']))->join(', ', ' and ')); // returns 'a and b' 
collect(['a']))->join(', ', ' and ')); // returns 'a' 
collect([]))->join(', ', ' and ')); // returns ''

The last new addition is adding Danish-specific characters to the Str class for proper support when the language is da.

v5.8.4 (2019-03-12)


  • Added Illuminate\Support\Collection::join() method (#27723)
  • Added Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel::getRouteMiddleware() method (#27852)
  • Added danish specific transliteration to Str class (#27857)


  • Fixed JSON boolean queries (#27847)

Complete change log is here.