This how my development environment looks like

This how my development environment looks like


I've seen this question popping out many times in the development community that how should be the best development environment looks like?

Well, your development environment setup is important because I think your development environment in general has a good amount of impact on your productivity.

In my experience, development environment varies from company to company & person to person because choices and reasons are always different. For example, at my office work station, I've Ubuntu to use whereas for my personal work station I've Macbook.

I've really a minimal setup with only useful software. Details which I'm going to mention about are from my personal workstation.


  • RAM: ~16GB
  • Processor: i5(at least, because it has quad core & Turbo Boost)
  • Memory: 256GB(Can work with 128GB but better is nicer)
  • Monitor: 27" Full HD (If single monitor, you can get a bit bigger)


  • VS Code: Editor for JS & frontend things(Theme: Solarized dark)
  • PHPStorm: Editor for PHP & Laravel development (Theme: Dracula)
  • Docker
  • Homestead for Laravel related projects
  • Sequel Pro: Mysql client
  • Table Plus: PgSQL & all other DB client
  • iTerm2
  • ohmyzsh: zsh config
  • Figma: Design related stuff
  • Web maker: Chrome extension for web experiments

There are some other softwares which are not related to development but are good to have like:

  • Calendar
  • Note taking app which is better than evernote
  • Mail Client
  • Slack
  • Spotify