AlaSQL - an open source SQL database for JavaScript

AlaSQL - an open source SQL database for JavaScript


Today I came across AlaSQL from hackernews, I've played around a little bit and seems fascinating to me.

AlaSQL is an open source SQL database for JavaScript with a strong focus on query speed and data source flexibility for both relational data and schemaless data.

The most promising thing which I found in this library was:

The library adds the comfort of a full database engine to your JavaScript app. No, really - it's working towards a full database engine complying with most of the SQL-99 language, spiced up with additional syntax for NoSQL (schema-less) data and graph networks.

It works in the web browser, Node.js, and mobile apps. Even it can also run in web worker.

There documentation seems a bit immature compare to other standard documentation(I hope they make proper documentation).

Like each library/package/framework out there on internet AlaSQL also has their limitations but overall it seems much powerful.

I'm looking forward to give it a try soon!

Important links about AlaSQL: