Welcome to brand new website!

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Hello World!

Welcome to my new website built jekyll & hosted on git pages & I’m a fond of it so far.

Here are few things which I like most about this setup:

  • Simplicity

I can use Markdown to write my blogs which is really awesome and easy. You can even create beautiful UI with it!

  • Speed

Git pages are pre-rendered html pages, so no requests going back and forth for you, just html pages, which makes the website blazing fast.

  • Secure

While only html pages make your site loads really fast, its also really secure, there is no backend logic & data insertion.

  • Easy to deploy

Since you don’t need a server or even a cloud, there is no server maintenance cost. Which also saves pennies & reduces your work load.

So far I’m loving it using. You can also go ahead learn & implement it easily.

Written on July 1, 2018

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